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Musical Theatre- Jazz- Contemporary- Improv- Movement for Actors- Choreography

My Philosophy

I love bringing back the tradition of what teaching dance is all about. Hopefully inspiring the next generation and passing on the legacy.

My Class

I teach many styles of dance,and love being able to share my passion with others. No matter what style I teach the class structure is the same. My class is the perfect combination of fun, theatre performance, and dance technique. It starts off with a full warm-up and technical exercises that lead nicely into across the floor work, ending in a fun combination from a Broadway show. No matter what level dancer you are, you feel inspired and challenged and leave feeling more confident at being a dancer. 


Broadway Dance Center

Fordham University

American Musical Theatre Academy, NY

AMTA London

AMTA Canada

Scoula Artendanza, Italy

Farmington School of Dance

Center Stage Dance & Theatre School

Jamz Studio of Dance

State College Highschool

Lewisburg Highschool

Highschool for Public Service, Ny

Susquenhanna Township Highschool

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