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This country-hearted city boy, grew up in Central Pennsylvania , and knew from an early age that performing would be his way of connecting with the world.

He still remembers his first line in his first Christmas pageant from church, "look at all the lights!" Alfie decided from that point on,  he would find every chance he could to perform. Step teams, Christmas plays, and singing in choir at church were his first opportunities to scratch this theatrical itch. He remembers seeing his first musical Fiddler on the Roof --presented by sixth graders-- and was mesmerized. When his parents enrolled him in a summer theatre camp, he was absolutely hooked.

Once he got to junior high, he found his community in the Drama Club, and was in his first musical, Little Luncheonette of Terror, as a high-pitched screaming robber, where he stole the show.

From then on, he was a Thespian, and realized in high school after watching the movie musical,  A Chorus Line, that he had no other choice but to pursue this growing passion. In college the realization that he had a special gift in the ability to connect with people through dance and movement further defined his path in performing, and led him to seek as much training and technique as he could. The result was intensive training with semesters at Point Park Conservatory, and the renowned summer program at Alvin Ailey American Dance.

After graduating from Penn State University with a degree in Integrative Arts, Alfie has been blessed to see his dreams come true, and lives each day using his passion and gifts in the performing arts to change the world --one heart at a time.



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